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weCook – Graduate Project – Promo Trailer

When I was thinking about how I would promote the website I thought the best way might be through a video, highlighting the features of the website. I then started thinking about how this would best be promoted to my target audience of young adults. Thinking about recent advertisement strategies and how best to promote […]

weCook – Graduate Project – Website Design

Figure 1.6:  Navbar initial colour scheme and updated colour and logo design    I decided to change the colour of the brand midway through designing the website. The initial ‘Cornflower blue’ didn’t stand out as much as i’d hoped and didn’t grab my attention. The colour change also made the elements of the header stand […]

weCook – Graduate Project – Branding

Looking at the colour scheme for the project was the first thing I looked into. I find this is the easiest thing to do and gives me a good starting point. With my design I also find that starting with a colour can inspire and start off the design as well as push me to […]

Will Carpenter – By The Front Door [Official Lyric Video]

By The Front Door is one of the songs Will released on his EP – Radio Blues. He asked me if I could create a handwritten lyric video to use for the song.

EU Dota2 Discord Community – UI Website Design

The EU Dota2 Discord Community was founded in the start of 2016. Discord is VoIP (VoiceOverIP) designed for gaming communities. The community website needed to give a clean and modern looking front and also to promote the new forum which was in the process of being created.

eSports Team Raptors – Logo Design

eSports Team Branding A group of my friends wanted a logo and mascot created for a team they were possibly making for an upcoming tournament and asked me if I could put something together for them.

TriUk – Website Design

Black Friday – Homepage Redesign is an eCommerce website which sells bikes and triathlon gear. The main page highlights the newest deals and is the most important page on the site. The page also links to promotions, deals and in-store features which the Yeovil based shop offers.

TriUk – 2016 Catalogue

Near to the end of last year I started with a small team, designing the TriUk 2016 catalogue. The catalogue would be an information point to be handed out at events and in store. The catalogue would contain all the current bike brands of the shop as well as component, tools and clothing used by triathletes.

Foor – Website Design

Website Design Foor is a company which specializes in triathlon wetsuits, the main models are the Foor Classic, Foor Quantum, Foor Quantum 2.4 and the Foor Synflex. When I was on my placement at TriUk I was given the task of redesigning and maintaining the Foor website, updating imagery, links and giving it a more modern […]

Salisbury Cathedral App Project – Design Mockups

After talking with my group about the initial design of and going head with my design idea I then went onto making a slightly more fleshed out design, which showed my new ideas and changes to my initial design. I also went and created all the shapes used in the game for all the questions. […]

Salisbury Cathedral App Project – Magna Carta

Initial Idea Firstly I started thinking about personal experience with going on trips and outings to places of attraction. With this I thought about quizzes and questionnaires that I answered and other tasks and challenges children would participate in to make the trip more interesting.

Dorset Independence

We were set the task of designing an independence poster for Dorset. Due to the fact that Scotland’s Independence was close to this time. When first starting to brainstorm ideas about Dorset we first started to think about all this things that can be represented by Dorset. This included the countryside and outdoors. This point […]

GroupProject: Innovate

The Logo For the channel brief a logo was needed for our company. We first brainstormed ideas for a film and movie review channel. The idea was of a company was an internet based video service which showcased trailers and behind the scenes footage. When coming up with a brand name I wanted to have […]

Motion Typrography

Gravity Trailer For my first motion typography piece I decided to choose the gravity trailer as this could be interesting to do and play around the z-axis and depth of field. I chose to use different colour fonts for each character as this would separate them from each other and make it easier for the […]

Blender / Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D When looking at Blender I realised that it was very similar to Cinema 4D which is a 3D rendering program that I used before. Many of the techniques of lighting and texturing were similar so this meant I only had to learn my way around the user interface to understand what I was […]


For the second group project I had to design a fire prevention / awareness scheme that was innovative and had a media solution. I came up with the idea of a game, where the player would play the victim of a fire in a home trying to escape. The game would be played on the […]

Bristol Zoo

The Bristol Zoo project was the first set group project at Bournemouth. The brief stated that as a group we must come up with a way of incorporating digital experiences to the zoo. Whilst doing this we also had to use the Zoo’s archive or facts and photos and appeal to a 5-12 year old […]