Bristol Zoo

December 19th, 2013

The Bristol Zoo project was the first set group project at Bournemouth. The brief stated that as a group we must come up with a way of incorporating digital experiences to the zoo. Whilst doing this we also had to use the Zoo’s archive or facts and photos and appeal to a 5-12 year old target audience. We decided to design an app with an Victorian theme, this would use textures such as maps and torn pages for the appearance or a journal. I worked on making the design of the app in photoshop, first starting with the part of the app tailored to younger children then going onto the adult section of the app.

For the Explorer’s Journal Section I used bright colours and simple layout as this would cater to the needs of a young child. I used a playful typeface as well as incorporating pictures following the journal/craft book style (which children may relate to). I achieved this by placing the image on a slant and using tape images on the corners like the child was adding the picture themselves. The idea behind the journal was that the children would look around the zoo using their map on the smart phone which would fill in by using their gps location. They would then visit the enclosures and by using QR codes found near the exhibit they would gain the information about the animal. This makes visiting each animal more exciting than just going from enclosure to enclosure and makes the experience of the zoo more enjoyable and technologically exciting.

After designing the children’s section of the app I then went onto design the adults section. This would include the archive of facts and images and present them in a cleaner and more formal way which would be more appealing to an older audience.

I changed the typeface from the original design on the left, as I thought it was unclear and would be hard to read on a mobile device, I still however kept with a formal typeface as this would appeal to the target audience of this section of the app and still be accessible to younger readers if they wished to learn more.The layout is very simple and I moved away from the aesthetics of a book/journal look as I believed that usability was more important than keeping to a childish theme.