December 20th, 2013

For the second group project I had to design a fire prevention / awareness scheme that was innovative and had a media solution. I came up with the idea of a game, where the player would play the victim of a fire in a home trying to escape. The game would be played on the computer and would also have smart phone integration. The name we came up with for this game was Fire Inferno. The interactive game was stylised on the game Mirrors Edge which is a free running game. The simplistic colour scheme of bright colours on a contrasting low hue background are very recognisable and therefore made the game more welcoming as a concept.

Difference choices you could make would be highlighted in red, a colour chosen for its connotations with danger and fire. Depending on your decision the outcome of the game would be different, similar to Dishonored a PC first person shooter where the players decisions would change the outcome of characters and the game’s ending.

As the game progressed the rooms would slowly become black and visibility would decrease, similar to that of an actual fire situation. If the player was fast enough and chose the right path they would escape and survive, but if they made poor decisions and chose the wrong path the game would end and they would meet their end. We chose this more interactive way of portraying fire safety as it fits more with today’s audience. They are used to seeing shocking images of fire safety and info-graphics alike, but reaching out in the form of a game is much more acceptable and relatable to this demographic.