Foor – Website Design

March 21st, 2016

Website Design

Foor is a company which specializes in triathlon wetsuits, the main models are the Foor Classic, Foor Quantum, Foor Quantum 2.4 and the Foor Synflex. When I was on my placement at TriUk I was given the task of redesigning and maintaining the Foor website, updating imagery, links and giving it a more modern look.

I wanted the Foor website to be very minimalist and use alot of white space, this would make the page look much more modern and make the wetsuits show up more on the page. I started with a colour scheme.

Foor wetsuits use these colours to differentiate between the different wetsuits, I thought this would work well as a highlight on the product pages, as this would show up well in contrast to the whites and greys i’m using for the backgrounds. After making the colour pallet I made a draft in Photoshop of the pages which would be on the Foor website.

Using the design I then coded the website from scratch trying to keep to my initial design as much as possible. The website as of March 2016 is shown below.