Salisbury Cathedral App Project – Magna Carta

May 19th, 2015

Initial Idea

Firstly I started thinking about personal experience with going on trips and outings to places of attraction. With this I thought about quizzes and questionnaires that I answered and other tasks and challenges children would participate in to make the trip more interesting.Thinking about this I decided to design a quiz app using simple screens and UI to make it accessible to a wide target audience of children to middle aged adults, who could interact and use the app without hassle. This also allows the large amount of overseas visitors to understand the app without little knowledge of the English language. The app would act as a tour style format, with questions answered in order to encourage movement around the Cathedral. For my design inspiration I looked at Google’s Material design and the visual principles that apply. I liked the use of shapes and thought this would work with the minimalistic look for the app.