TriUk – Website Design

May 10th, 2016

Black Friday – Homepage Redesign is an eCommerce website which sells bikes and triathlon gear. The main page highlights the newest deals and is the most important page on the site. The page also links to promotions, deals and in-store features which the Yeovil based shop offers.

I was given the task of redesigning the main page of the website to give it a more up to date modern look. The design had to make the page easier to navigate, read and be able to easily transferred over to the mobile site.

As a comparison here is the website before and after, showing the changes I made to the layout and style of the main page.

The design release was going to be for the Black Friday deals, so when thinking about layout the design had to incorporate some features that could possibly be used in the Black Friday weekend or in the future.

Starting with the responsive and changeable layout I decided to use a grid based design, with content being rectangular or squared. This way changing the layout of the design would be simple and adding new different sized blocks could be done to facilitate new ideas and features to the site. This easy editing would make changing the design in the future to be easy and allow the business to promote new products and keep the design looking new and fresh.

I started looking at the layout of the site as a whole and because the redesign was only going to be on the main page and the Black Friday custom page the design had to not contrast too much with the rest of the site.

As new products and deals would be the highlight for the page I decided to make the top section of the page dedicated to this. I also added some spaces for banner ads, one large square and another smaller rectangle. These would cycle through new products, deals and in-store experiences such as the bike fitting or pool. I also added a flash deal section underneath for the Black Friday weekend. This would highlight deals with only a short period of time in which they would be available, making the weekend deals a more changing and interesting time.

I was also briefed to promote the social media somehow in the design. I decided to add some blocks within the grid for the Instagram and have links to all the social media at the bottom of the page.

The finished design for the TriUk main page for the 2016 Black Friday weekend deals is below.

After this I also made a custom Black Friday Deals page, using the same grid layout. During this page design I also added the two countdown clocks to the design as we had the pages ready a week before Black Friday.