weCook – Graduate Project – Promo Trailer

April 13th, 2017

When I was thinking about how I would promote the website I thought the best way might be through a video, highlighting the features of the website. I then started thinking about how this would best be promoted to my target audience of young adults. Thinking about recent advertisement strategies and how best to promote something I started to think about parody and pastiche. I then remembered the Google Pixel advert which came out only a short time before designing the website. Basing my trailer off google design would also work with promoting the visual simplicity of the website.

Figure 2.15:  Google Pixel video and advertisement


 When making the trailer I tried to keep to the similar visual style of the original Pixel advert, using the same font, gradient ( studio ) background and the same music.

Figure 2.16:  Finding the correct font, made the advert look 10x more similar. Before then after


I also had to change the sections of the video where the phone would rotate in 3 dimensional space. I instead made the photoshop files I had made for the website into 3d and rotated and changed their z position to give the impression they were really rotating in space.

After initially adding the flat graphics of the website they looked a little boring and didn’t really fit with the massive 3d rotations. Adding some small animations on each page gave the pages a bit more life, and gave more of an impression that they would be working and be interactive. This would make the user possibly feel like the site was up, and therefore would be something to promote during the early stages of when the site is live.

Figure 2.17:  Screenshot in Adobe After Effects, working on the advert


Figure 2.18:  Still from the advert, showing the rotating website pages



Done Right – Uncomplicated – Without hassle – Clear – Shortened – Made easy – but fun – Together – With friends – New



The video needs more text like in the Google Pixel advert, this would make it easier to know what the website does and how it’s different.

The next version of the advert is longer and has much more text in it. The text I used illustrates the key selling points for the website; the minimal design, the social aspect of the website and the ease of use.

Figure 2.19:  Stills from the Pixel (left) and the weCook trailer (right)


 During one of the feedback sessions I was suggested to change the colour of weCook. The reasoning for the suggestion was that it was too similar to facebook and that the design of the layout of the nav was similar. I decided to change the layout to remove the similarity to facebook however decided to keep the blue.

The shot from the trailer illustrates the main branding colour for the website, when creating some shots during the ad I tried to keep as similar as possible to the Google advert to keep the viewer obvious of the links to the trailer. Also the amount of similarities to the trailer strengthens the parody of the advert, especially if the links are only slightly changed to suit the new project.