weCook – Graduate Project – Branding

April 13th, 2017

Looking at the colour scheme for the project was the first thing I looked into. I find this is the easiest thing to do and gives me a good starting point. With my design I also find that starting with a colour can inspire and start off the design as well as push me to create something.

Figure 1.1: Initial colour ideas for the logo colour, starting with the first colour and ending with the final chosen brand colour (#0f6aea)


I initially started with the Cornflower blue on the left side of Figure 1. However found that it didn’t really stand out as a distinct and highlighting colour. The main colour of the brand should be bold and strong, and be easily seen for advertising and general brand awareness.

Figure 1.2:  Colour scheme for the weCook website and brand


The colour scheme above follows my basic ideas on creating a website colour palette over a brand, a few more colours may be added such as contrasting colours such as a orange or a red, (possibly the red from Fig1). The colours above are listed as followed; main brand colour, darker version of main colour ( for buttons etc.), background colour (usually grey), text colour (paragraph) and subheading colour.

The colours predominantly match as they are all shades of blue, from the starting point of the main colour to lighter and darker to gain the other colours.

Figure 1.3:  Designing prototype of the logo, including a draft unused fork.


The design with just text felt too minimal in my opinion, it just needed something else and that was a small graphic. At first I was thinking about portraying the ‘social’ aspect of the website in the logo, however I think the name alone portrays the group aspect of the site. I then went onto thinking about what symbol could show cooking and thought of utensils. I initially designed a fork however felt the spoon was just cleaner and started incorporating it into the logo design.

Figure 1.4:  Various versions of the final prototype design for the logo


Quick prototyping of the logos in Illustrator made it easy to quickly change and move around the logo and see what the colours would look like, as well as various widths, font thickness and letter spacing. At the end of this process I also decided to camelcase the words, to give the combined name clear definition between the two words.

Figure 1.5:  Final Logo design


The addition of the spoon at the end of the logo almost acts as a motif in some sense, ending the logo and giving the text more flair character. The final logo displays the original outcomes I wanted to convey with the brand. The simple colourway as well as the minimal look help portray the simple and clean user interface. The name accurately shows the contribution and community based aspect of the site, coupled with the name which tells the viewer it’s about cooking.