Will Carpenter – By The Front Door [Official Lyric Video]

March 30th, 2017

By The Front Door is one of the songs Will released on his EP – Radio Blues. He asked me if I could create a handwritten lyric video to use for the song. I thought this would give me a good enough excuse to dig out my graphics tablet and took him up on it. After listening to the song a few times and getting a feel for it, I started doing some rough sketches of some of the scenes described in the lyrics.

Will was pretty kind and said my pretty bad art style was fine and fitted the feel for the song. So I continued on, drawing scenes and getting a consistant look throughtout the whole video. After finishing with the drawing I moved onto the text, I wanted to make it feel animated which led me writing all the lines from the song 3 times and looping through these to give the text some motion. I also did this with the drawings, to keep again a consistant feel, and to give the video a more dynamic feel.