Fit & Easy

Website & SEO

Fit and Easy are a Power Plate Studio based in Southampton. I built a them a responsive, mobile first website and optimized their metadata.
August 23, 2023

Fit and Easy are a Power Plate Studio based near to the heart of Southampton city centre. They offer Power Plate fitnress workouts, physiotherapy using the Hendrinkson Method® and Sports and Remedial Massage sessions.

Stephen came to me looking for a new website. His current site wasn’t mobile responsive, nor was properly search engine optimized. The site was hard to navigate and traffic from the Southampton area was lower than it could be.

I started by creating a new homepage highlighting all the key areas of the business then all the subpages for each service provided. Each page included new imagery as well as updated content and improved metadata for better Google search ranking.

For increased visual appeal I also included a couple of .svg animations and load in animations to elements on the page. These subtle additions made the site come to life and for the animation below reinforce the branding.

Check out the website here: