Keytek Locksmith Training Academy

Wordpress Site

Creating a custom Wordpress theme for the Keytek Academy to promote their Locksmith training courses.
August 23, 2023

The Keytek Locksmith Training Academy are a training provider for locksmith courses of various levels for the UK. Keytek needed a site to showcase the course content, host blog posts and provide information for students and for Keytek recruitment.

The website for the academy needed a full redesign, with a modern feel and a clean and simple wordpress theme which would have to be easily customizable and edited by the in-house digital marketing team. The site was built on the framework Bulma a lightweight CSS framework based on Flexbox. This minimal framework was a good starting point, learning and documentation are available through the Bulma site and would allow the marketing team to learn more about coding and easily edit the theme when they needed to in the future.

Working with Keytek I made a few designs based on their requirements for the site. Talking about designs and features they wanted made this process quick and easy.

A starting point for making the theme was with the template Bulmapress a template using Bulma and Underscores. I then went onto making custom templates for the course pages and other secondary pages for the site. I used Advanced Custom Fields for the pages many sections of content to allow the marketing team to edit the pages via the backend WordPress. Using a CMS (Central management system) allows anyone from the company to easily edit and change content on the site with ease. Advanced custom fields allows for multiple inputs within the WordPress backend, allowing you to edit the text in the title, main section, sidebar and any image also.

My main objective was to build a modern site which allowed for customization, editing and ease of use for the marketing team. The new site displays these features and allows prospect students of Keytek to easily navigate the various courses available and find information regarding locksmith training. The minimal WordPress site provides a simple user experience and allows them to manage and develop the site in house with ease.