Motion Typrography

Motion typography and animation work using After Effects
August 23, 2023

Gravity Trailer

For my first motion typography piece I decided to choose the gravity trailer as this could be interesting to do and play around the z-axis and depth of field. I chose to use different colour fonts for each character as this would separate them from each other and make it easier for the audience to follow. I used animations on the position of the text to illustrate the movements of the characters , for instance spinning the whole sentence for the section where the female protagonist spins out of control away from the spaceship. I also animated the detach by making it seem to break away from the sentence. The outcome for these types of animation are effective however feel very expected and not original or creative. In my next kinetic typography piece I will try and make the depiction of the movement in the text more subtle which would create a more interesting piece which seemed more clean and creative. I was happy with this piece as the timing of the text and its readability was clear throughout the animation. I would have liked to look into animating the text with her breathing and making a subtle font size change to emphasize this.

Rise and Shine

For my second motion typography piece I wanted to improve on the design and subtle play of words to make it seem more thought about and creative. For this I chose an inspiration speech audio, I liked the audio for this as the tempo of the speech is changing throughout the clip and the words are clearly spoken which would make animating and emphasis on the words more prominent. For the video I chose to start nearer to the end so I could animate the build up to the ending. This would be more interesting that ending on a section of a video that was still building up. This way the ending of the video is shown and the whole piece is more finished and rounded.

For the placement of the text I wanted to be more precise than my previous work, so I decided to use the grid to line up my words and make them all aligned. This made the text clearer to read and gave a more revised feel. As well as using a grid to make the text aligned, I also used precise degrees when making the squares and corners of the shapes created by the text. This made the shapes created more structured and cleaner. I was particularly pleased with the final seconds of the video, by using a key framed opacity to illustrate the alarm clock. I felt this although seeming obvious was achieved in a way that it looked good and wasn’t expected.