2016 Catalogue Print Design

Designing the TriUk 2016 catalogue. 50+ pages of print design for an a5 booklet.
August 23, 2023

The TriUK catalogue would be an information point to be handed out at events and in store. The catalogue would contain all the current bike brands of the shop as well as component, tools and clothing used by triathletes. We started with the initial layout and guidelines we would set out when designing the catalogue. This would be done to be consistent with layout and keep the catalogue looking as a whole product instead of many singly designed pages. Working in a team also made this important as all the members using the same layout made the process a lot quicker. Before starting the design, we looked at the previous catalogues and saw what issues we would draw upon them to make our design improve from previous years. We noticed that some bike images were scaled down excessively to fit in all the text (another thing we didn’t like) the design seemed to try and fit in as much information as possible without thinking about what the audience would want to see clearly; the product. After talking about this we went on to draft the house style, starting with the initial page layout, colour pallet and product information and containers. We also decided to go use Open Sans for our typeface as the whole family contained many styles and sizes which would be ideal for our use.

After making the initial house style we went onto designing the page layout and background which would run throughout the whole catalogue. The background needed to incorporate the red of the TriUk brand and not be too distracting to take the attention away from the reader. For the design we needed to make a 3d shape or mesh with a modern tech feel. I decided this would be best created in Cinema4D a software I was familiar with and started prototyping designs. My initial designs used a white background and larger ball connectors to emphasize them.

I later changed this design to make the product containers which were white to stand out more. I chose a much darker background which also matched my redesign for the TriUk main page, enforcing consistency for the brand. For the final background I reduced the ball size and kept the thin white lines as the contrast they added from the background made them stand out.

After making the background I decided to have the main body inside a 50% opacity dark container. I also decided then to make the gaps between all the containers and text as 42px, keeping consistency throughout the design. The next step in the process was contacting the various companies which had expressed interest in being in the catalogue. This was done by myself only to keep email correspondence easier to follow. Over the next few weeks I sent many emails to all the company media departments and brand managers to discuss the current design and layout of their page. After all the discussion was over with the design and content of the pages, we got confirmation to print the pages. After sending off the catalogue to print we also had the idea to link to a physical copy of the catalogue on the TriUk website. We used a pdf viewer for in-browser viewing and linked all the products to the corresponding pages. Below is a selection of a few of the pages I designed by myself.